A Good Saturday – a list

Listened to podcasts when I woke too early

Monthly Zoom conversation with church folk

Embroidery projects – finished one and started another

Cups of Melbourne Morning black tea

Plants and seeds watered

Weeds pulled

Multiple episodes of Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan on pbs.org

Pedicure with Manda with coral polish

Cheesecake Blizzard from DQ for lunch

More Tell Me More and embroidery

Trip to Menards for new hammock

Culver’s drive through for early dinner

Returned poetry collection to library book drop

Monthly Zoom Prompted Poets meeting – Read new poem Seismic

Prepared sermon for tomorrow’s service

Caramel with dark chocolate and sea salt

More Melbourne Morning tea

Sat on my patio and wrote a letter

Watched an episode of Queer Eye

Painted my fingernails with confetti polish

Wrote this list

Feel gratitude

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