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What exactly is Celery for One?

One day I was talking to a friend, and this sentence slipped out, “I’ve got more celery than my household can possibly eat, but you know, they don’t package celery for one!

This became my shorthand for thinking about what happens when life doesn’t go according to plan. Celery for One is a chronicle of the ways I moved through the grief of my divorce, focused on healing, joy, and happiness that was not dependent on something or someone in the future. Celery for One is a celebration of the unexpected ways I am living my best new life-now.

Here, you’ll read about the good days and bad, tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way, and my latest adventures in solo homeowner-ship, gardening, and cooking for one-ish.

Also baked into the recipe of Celery for One is the belief that no matter what we grieve, whether we’re some place between Plan B or Plan Z, there’s no need to grieve alone.

What You’ll Find Here

I have a lot to say about the ways gardening, reading, gaining confidence in the kitchen, and writing 80,000 words of a work of fiction help me through difficult times. These activities helped me establish healthy habits and move through my grief.

Adventures of Astrid

Astrid appeared one day in my imagination. She took my hand, and helped me write her story. Read excerpts here.

Journaling Nook

Pencil on paper. Keystrokes on the screen. Writing is how I make sense of everything.

Ever-Growing Garden

It turns out I inherited my grandparents’ green thumbs. I love conspiring with Nature and transforming my backyard-season after season.

Reading Room

My world is oriented around words. I love to read. I love sharing favorite titles. I do my best to wait until you ask for a recommendation. Except here.

One-Cook Kitchen

I always told myself I was a bad cook. And then I started experimenting and learned I was wrong. I was simply inexperienced.

Hi, I’m Julie

I was a writer long before I admitted it to myself and others, and wanted to be a mama long before I became one. I am seasoned at playing the long game.

Recent Writings

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