Certainty is Seduction

This was an a-ha moment for me during a stretch when I found myself on the side of the road awaiting the arrival of a AAA technician to tow me to the mechanic’s shop. It was an upside-down time for me soon after my divorce. Three roadside rescues in as many weeks.

Certainty seems more reliable when the cup is half full, when the bottle stays upright and isn’t tipped over spilling out.

I stood in a colleague’s office describing the difficulty relationship I had with the future. I felt lik by being divorced, I had cornered the market on fearing the unknown. Her words helped steer the ship out of the choppy waters: Frankly, none of us know what the future holds. It’s unknown no matter what. These word—kind and reassuring—helped me make friends with uncertainty.

I’ve made progress. I have a healthy dynamic with that which I do not know.

That summer of the massive car troubles I changed my classic AAA membership into a premium one. I have unlimited services and my car can be towed more miles before I have to pay. It’s the best $83 I spend in a year—especially with a 16 year-old car.

I possess some assurance that the uncertainty of future car entanglements will be made slightly easier with the call of the toll-free number. My car troubles have been the practice ground on which I have tested my theory about certainty as a seduction.

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