Delight Day 2

I found today’s delight bouncing along on the empty trailer we’d just unloaded at the campground’s campfire site. Volunteers assembled to continue the spring cleaning and preparations for another camping season. I feel a sense of peace working side-by-side others who care about the task at hand. The sun shone bright and neutralized the still-winter chill in the air. We circled the ball field adjacent to the growing fire and made our ascent back up the hill to the main camp area to pick up a second load.

This brief ride took me back to earlier times. The bumps we hit as the truck pulled the trailer and me forward dislodged my happiest childhood memories of Saturdays working with my dad outside or with my grandparents on their property. My body felt the freedom and the slight edge of danger that came with the occasional rides in the back of our family’s trucks–wind whipping my hair, the sun kissing my nose, and a smile spreading from ear to ear. Those moments were invitations of belonging. My family demonstrated love by teaching me competency with the activity at hand. I didn’t have to do it right to contribute, and in that space, I learned my way around tools, problem solving, and the joy of accomplishing a task. Another fleeting moment, and I enjoyed every minute.

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