In 2024, I’m going to keep*

…Going to bed early or when my body says its time—no matter what the clock says * muting the old narratives in my mind that cause me pain, sadness, and disappointment—a daily and sometimes hourly practice * cultivating this smaller, quieter life and concentrate on connection over quantity or socialized norms for how I “should” do things * buying fewer groceries and shop more often pretending that I have a neighborhood co-op like the ones in London * practicing nourishing myself as a joy rather than a chore or waste of time * reading a chapter or two and then doing a household chore—my favorite way to spend a weekend * finding ways to use up my daughter’s outgrown art supplies because the creativity boosts my spirit * writing handwritten letters * baking my favorite sugar cookies * playing in my garden and taking joy in the challenges it presents * finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and the sacred in everything * letting my integrity guide every decision in every facet of my life * opening to possibility, being flexible and optimistic * practice as my approach to life—remaining curious since student mode makes life more fun, joyful, and easier to bear * telling my the people I love that I love them—especially Cadence and Hans * driving my 18-year-old Pathfinder * paying down my credit card debt * adding coconut to my raspberry muffin batter * journaling * running errands in an efficient, game-like manner—when I must run them at all * buying stamps * writing to Marcela and Melissa monthly * welcoming the quiet * listening to Spirit to guide my steps

*A counterbalance to this time of year’s goal setting and resolution making

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  1. What a great prompt 😉 and even better reflections on how you are creating a beautiful and simple (while deep and meaningful) life for yourself.

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