I did not share the day’s big news
during two substantive conversations

I did not describe losing the power steering on my commute
a few blocks from my office and the trusty Firestone location

There were more important things to hear:
post-surgery progress, lost rodeo bull found, balloons for a baby gone 16 years

Trauma made me talk a lot.
Healing makes me crave the quiet.

Bigger than the car repair
was the fact that I did not fall apart

I’m wearing confetti nail polish
Reveling in little celebrations: healthy nails, tidy desk drawers

My relationships with curve balls, car repairs, and uncertainty
Shift how I view myself

I am safe. 
The car is not broken down on the shoulder.
It’s just money.
We’ll use my daughter’s car for tomorrow’s trip.

All is well. Even when it’s not.

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