Word Church 3.27.22

Every Sunday around 2:00 I get excited thinking about what I will write in the coming hours. The excitement is knowing that I cannot prepare or bring a particular topic to the meeting because the direction I take is dependent on the word list we draft. This group keeps my creative juices flowing, and is so kind with helpful, specific feedback.

As usual, the words in bold were on the list we compiled for today.

I have very few formulas for living, but there are some whimsical rules I have made for myself that bring some order to my sporadic, chattery mind. None of them are exact, but form some structure and when I use them, I feel myself breathe easier. Adults are often said to lose a playful edge to living, and these rules feel like I’ve added some razzle dazzle to my mundane routines.

  1. I am often gifted stationery and notecards to support an extensive letter-writing habit. I use the oldest supply first before I allow my pen to touch the new stuff.
  2. I have started reading my Atlantic subscription from back to front. The articles in the back are shorter, and I have noticed I am able to read faster when I’m not worn down by the lengthy articles at the start.
  3. I often race against the heating of the tea kettle’s whistle. What is a household task I’d rather keep putting off? That’s the thing I’ll dive into while I wait for my next cup of tea to be ready. You’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish in five to seven minutes. The thought of the chore is always more onerous than the action, and my race against boiling water is like an electrical current spurring me toward task completion.

I hear a voice in my head saying these things are weird, and they may be. Nonetheless, they work, so why would I stop?

Another thing that can calm my frazzled mind is exercising my flowing penmanship across a piece of paper. In third grade, my grandma lamented how little space I allowed between each word, but in time I eradicated the spacing concerns, and writing cursive became a form of meditation.

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