Guidance – Delight 31

Today is the last day of this writing project of delights—at least this iteration of it. What a day to end on—Easter Sunday! There were lots of moments that contended for the day’s title: Easter breakfast conversation with fellow congregants, Blooming the Cross where the congregation, person-by-person, slips the stems of various flowers into the chicken wire covered cross to signify the new life this day represents. There was an invitation to lunch and being embraced as family around a dining room table. Good food, camaraderie, and laughter.

But the moment that won out was back in the sanctuary where a deacon guided her grandson and another little girl who were learning the ropes of the morning’s collection of offering. The alchemy of this woman’s hands on each little shoulder moved and delighted me as she patiently guided them side-to-side and simultaneously forward, a mama duck bringing up the rear. The delight came in watching these children moving through the moment not quite coordinated in attention or choreography enough to get it yet. I know that with practice they will be pros soon enough. It was a medicine dropper’s dose of hope on a morning full of demonstrations of other hopes and joys.

What a month! What a life! Happy Easter!

Happy Delights!


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