Nature – Delights 13, 14, 15

13. As I make way through this month cataloguing the things or moments that delight me, I am also trying to define what characterizes delight. Today’s submission helps in this endeavor: many delights are fleeting.

I left work and drove to ALDI on my way home. I needed a few groceries after being away for a week and needed to pick up a frozen pie to bake for tomorrow’s Pi Day trivia team builder. I found everything but pie at ALDI. Raindrops were falling and the sky looked stormy as I loaded my car and returned my cart.

I drove to the next grocery, parked my car, and happened to look to my right. There was a rainbow gleaming bright and nearly vertical in the eastern sky. I stood in the parking lot and gazed at it knowing it likely wouldn’t be there when I returned to my car. The surprise of the rainbow’s appearance delighted me and knowing I needed to take time to enjoy it now made it even better. As I turned my back on it and walked into the store, I thought about how easy it would have been to miss it had I parked in another spot or hadn’t turned my head.


14. I feel my body adjusting to the impending warmer season. In winter, I have changed out of my work clothes each evening into something cozy and crawled into bed under my covers. There I’ve spend the next few hours reading before it’s time for bed.

With extra daylight, I am drawn out to my garden where there is plenty of clean up and prep work to do before the next growing season. This evening, I putter in my garden. I move from this task to that knowing I don’t have time or energy to get into a full-blown project. My garden has been a place to practice letting go of arbitrary rules in my head that give me a sense of control. On this evening, it’s warm enough to be sleeveless, and I enjoy the breeze on my skin. My delight is in knowing what a safe and happy place this is for me. It won’t be long before fear of late season freezes is behind us, and I can put seeds in the ground again. In the meantime, I’m happy to do the tidying up that is needed to be ready for what’s in store.


15. I worked from home today. I wondered if my opportunities for delight might be threatened or reduced. I am grateful for the flexibility in my schedule. To be spared the 90-minute round trip commute. But staying home sometimes reinforces my homebody/hermit tendencies, which begets an unhelpful sense of monotony. I need not have feared.

I turned my back to my laptop just as two birds—I’m fairly certain one of them was a female cardinal—made a pit stop in my gutter just six feet from my window. The one I think was a cardinal had camouflaged coloring—grey feathers mixed with pops of color a little brighter red than tomato bisque soup. I watched as she dipped her body into the puddled water in my gutter and then flicked it away with some shaking and wing flapping.

As with so many of the delights I am cataloguing, this one didn’t last long. Cardinal and her friend took flight soon after and made their way to the tree in my front yard where previous seasons’ cardinals have retreated.

This is the third nature delight in a row, and I couldn’t be more pleased. In the years when I was exclusively a book worm, I know I missed out on a lot of beautiful delights Mother Nature had on offer. Now I expect to be dazzled by the natural world—even from the comfort of my bedroom window.

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