Ms. Fix-it – Delight 12

I’ve been home for two days, and I replay the fun I had in New York, which usually leads to me missing Hans. I drive home in daylight thanks to the time change. The weather is unseasonably warm, so I change clothes and decide to tackle the mess of my garage. I am lucky to have an oversized garage and only one car, so I have room to store things like a gently used washing machine that is waiting in the wings for my 23-year-old one to finally conk out. The unfinished projects are looming large, and so tackling a few of them feels like a way to metabolize the extra time and daylight I have on my hands.

I move from one task to another. I dearly love puttering. It’s a form of self-soothing paired with productivity. A powerful mood-lifting combination.

The tire on an antique wheelbarrow I use as a flowerpot has deflated and rotted. Last year, the wind knocked it over depositing potting soil on my front lawn because the tire no longer could bear the weight. Some friends had given me their neighbor’s busted wheelbarrow because they know my penchant for repurposing items in my garden. I used it for a couple of seasons as décor in my garden until the handles completely separated from the base. I removed the handles and tire hardware. I kept the bucket in my garden as a container to plant seeds in and kept the tire that was still holding air with the hope that it could replace the tire in the antique wheelbarrow.

Today was the day for me to find out if my repurposing project would work. I got out my tools, and on closer inspection realized the mechanism was really simple to undo. Four screws and a metal piece that connects everything. Time had not fused the screws, so they were easy to undo. The project was complete in less than ten minutes. The tire is a little too big for the wheelbarrow, but since its primary function is stationary, it will work great.

The delight was in knowing I had the tools and know-how to make this plan come together and the satisfaction of crossing something off my list that didn’t require someone else’s help and expertise. I cannot wait to plant seeds and watch these wheelbarrows transform into works of nature’s art.

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