Pasta – Delight 7

We logged off from our remote work, and left Times Square behind. In our cab, we held hands, smiled at each other, and watched the activity of the city streets pass us by. The taxi ride took longer than we anticipated because we got stuck behind a stalled car on a one-way street. No matter. The taxi eventually delivered us safely to our hotel. We arrived before a room was ready, so staff tagged our luggage, and we set off to explore the neighborhood.

Just a few blocks from the Sohotel was Mulberry Street—a slice of Little Italy. We were hungry and ready for a sit-down meal. A friendly greeter with menus in hand caught our attention, so L’Amore Ristorante was our pick for lunch.

Because I don’t have a reliable sense of smell, my sense of taste is also diminished. I rarely am delighted by what I eat, but today’s delight was the Pappardelle Bolognese I ordered. I’d never ordered this pasta before, but it quickly became a new favorite. I can’t describe the flavors I tasted, but what delighted me was the texture and warmth of the wide noodles and the creamy, meaty sauce tied it all together.

Sitting across from my love, enjoying the music in the background, trading bites of each other’s food, and making each other laugh—it’s a memory I will treasure long after our week together has passed.

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