Smile and a Squeeze – Delight 8

Since my travels to New York started three days into my Delights Writing Project, I suspected I might not maintain the daily writing habit while I was away. So to help me remember, I’ve made brief notes to jog my memory. For today’s delight, I initially jotted down “Walk to and from Dune 2 with my guy.” That four-mile round trip stroll WAS exciting. We covered a lot of ground and watched the neighborhoods shift and change as we moved north.

We had walked ourselves into a mighty appetite. We had an hour to spare before the movie started in the theatre across the street, so we chose a corner restaurant in Kips Bay Neighborhood. It was a sunny but chilly morning, so we shrugged out of our coats while we waited for our server to stop by our table.

Hans reached across the table and took my hand. He squeezed it and smiled broadly at me. The kind of smile that makes his eyes crinkle in the corners. I love that particular expression because I know what he’s saying without uttering a word. I am so happy to be with you. I squeezed his hand in response, smiled, and said, me too.

When a couple loves from a distance as do we, the small things, like a meaningful smile, shared laughter, and hand holding, ARE the big things. My beloved’s face was today’s delight and because I’ve gotten so good at taking mental photography to capture a moment, this brief exchange will stay with me for a long time.

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