Sharing Books – Delight 11

There are days when I feel like I missed an obvious career choice as a librarian. Reading has been so much more than a pastime. It serves as an escape, a circle of friends, a tool for learning and healing.

Sometime ago I began posting the books I’ve finished on social media. I had no goal in mind except to share how I’d spent my time and post an alternative to so much nonsense that winds up on the platforms.

Today I posted a photo of Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano the book I carried with me to New York and shared a few thoughts about the reading experience. What delighted me were the comments, likes, and hearts that followed. Friends who also read and enjoyed the book commented. Two friends posted titles they recommended to me—one of which was written by her sister.

The energy that these comments brought me is hard to describe. I am heartened by the brief community that’s created when a title I post invites conversation.  

I’m still feeling off kilter from my travel, Daylight Savings Time, and my Hans-sickness. This experience emulates what I imagine it would be like to be a librarian and match readers with excellent writing.

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  1. There’s nothing like the conversation that sparks from a good book. You would’ve made a great librarian but the you that you are now is just perfect for you! Keep talking about books and sharing your amazing writing.

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