Routines – Delight 10

My week with Hans has come to an end. We shared a ride to LaGuardia where we parted, and the Uber took him on to JFK. I teared up throughout the morning and had to blink away tears to see the screen when I checked my luggage. I bought some food at an airport souvenir shop and settled into my two-hour wait with a podcast to ease me into my solo life again.

Wind gusts delayed our departure, but once we were in the air, I settled into reading a magazine and listening to a podcast, and the time moved quickly.

Nicole picked me up and it was good to catch up with each other. I wheeled my suitcase into my garage and up the stairs. Liminal space can be so disorienting. I was tired, but it was only 6:00 p.m. I missed Hans, but he would soon be in the air too, so I soothed myself by wheeling my luggage straight into the laundry room and started a load immediately. What I have learned in the roller coaster life of solitude is that movement almost always soothes my weary spirit. Once the washer was filling with water, I moved on to carrying the luggage upstairs. I put away all the items and in doing so I remembered what a delight these routines can be when they don’t feel like a chore. They are grounding and provide a quick sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. After other trips, I’ve tended to not unpack for days trying to make the trip last, but then feel sluggish because this unfinished task is nagging at me.

Unpacking and tidying up was a delight. It gave me time to begin downloading the memories Hans and I made over the week. To be grateful for the time we could spend together. I finally climbed into bed with a sigh. My decision to not make a new mess with unpacked luggage helped me feel ready to take on a new week.

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