Tourist time – Delight 9

A few days before my trip, I had lunch with a colleague who mentioned having gone to the Tenement Museum when she and her husband were in New York a few years ago. She said they’d really enjoyed the experience. I tucked the suggestion away but had no idea where it was in relation to where we were staying.

We’d made a long list of possible things to do in anticipation of our time together, but I hadn’t mentioned my friend’s suggestion. So when Hans threw out the idea of going to the Tenement Museum, I gasped with surprise and excitement. I couldn’t believe it when we figured out it was within walking distance of the Sohotel. On our walk back to Soho after Dune 2, we stopped at Gramercy Kitchen for my second breakfast of the day. There, while we waited for our food, I perused the tour options and times, and settled on Family Owned tour at 11:00 on Saturday.

Now here we stood on the sidewalk outside the tenement building at 97 Orchard Street. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been on an educational tour like this, but I was in my element. As I listened to our tour educator, Victor, contextualize what we were about to see, I marveled that I was also with a partner interested in learning about history with me. No rolled eyes or just getting through it or belittling my interests. He was by my side taking it in with me. And when the tour concluded, I mentioned I wanted to return to the museum shop to check out the postcards. I’ll do it quickly, I said. Hans replied, we’re in no rush. Take your time. I’ll go to the shop across the street and see you when you’re done.

Today’s delight, indeed.

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