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Friends had just dropped me off after dinner together. I walked up the stairs and kicked off my shoes when my phone rang. The caller ID read Andrea. This dear woman had made my home her landing pad while she did doctoral work at a local university. Now she is building her personal and professional life in Canada. This summer, our friendship turns five.

She made studying look like an Olympic event. She devoted long hours a day to her pursuit. There was little I could do for her, so I committed to keeping the pantry and fridge stocked, the house free of distractions, and joined her in study break viewings of The Good Place, Schitt’s Creek, and The Crown. In the months we lived together full time, we developed a beautiful routine in the kitchen. We meal planned together and enjoyed deep, meaningful conversation over our delicious meals. She furthered my kitchen confidence too.

We shared a love of England and elevated tea drinking in my home. Andrea met me at a time when I was trying to keep things together, but in desperate need of company. Her companionship transformed my life. She held up a mirror and helped me see myself and the life I was rebuilding from a different angle. She bore witness to some difficult circumstances and encouraged me to be gentler with myself.

Our time together was separated by semester and summer breaks and then a pandemic. But when she moved permanently back to Canada, I experienced a period of adjustment. I had never lived so successfully with another adult and needed time to reacclimate to living solo again.

With text message the go-to way of reaching people these days, Andrea’s unscheduled phone call delighted me. Our conversation picked up as if we were sitting across the kitchen table from each other. I asked about her writing progress and wedding plans. She knew the questions to ask about work and my recent trip. We laughed over my track record of difficult work situations. I no longer felt the deep ache of missing this person—only the joy and gratitude of friendship.

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  1. So glad the pair of you had a chance to catch up! I know her friendship is important to you and goodness knows we need those peeps in our lives who can help us see a situation in another light!

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