Shared Laughter – Delight Day 5

Today’s delight visited me early. My beau made the trek down two elevators and up the street for a couple of to-go hot teas and some breakfast. When he returned, we sat together, and I loaded the fifth episode of last summer’s Strike Force Five podcast. The project featured the five late night hosts who gathered to put on shows while their writing staffs were on strike. The ad revenue was raised to help these writers while they couldn’t work.

We listen to a lot of podcasts individually and enjoy telling each other about what we listen to and learn. We especially enjoy comedians and their specials, so I knew this particular episode would be a hit.

Jimmy Fallon hosted the episode with a game. Before the episode, he’d texted the other hosts’ wives for answers to questions. As he laid out the rules of the game and began asking the questions, it became clear that he was confused by his own game, and this confusion bled into the wives’ answers. Hilarity ensued. The other hosts guffawed and ribbed Jimmy.

I was not disappointed. Hans wheeze-laughed, squinted his eyes closed, and lowered his chin to his chest—all signs that he thought the podcast was as funny as I had when I first listened last summer.

My boyfriend makes me laugh—a lot. It is such a gift to not only enjoy one another’s company, but to make each other laugh and to have similar senses of humor. Those qualities make everyday moments shimmer.

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