Juice – Delight 28

As I was waiting for my oatmeal to cook on the stove, I opened the refrigerator to pull out the orange juice. Standing next to the OJ was a bottle of cranberry juice. I grabbed it too. I poured the nectar into a green glass about three-quarters full and then added cranberry juice to top it off. I stirred the combo and brought the glass to my lips. I felt a zing of excitement and was transported back to my grandma’s kitchen. Each summer we spent a week at my grandparents’ house, and my grandma prepared hearty breakfasts.

Being a nurse, her priority was healthy, robust meals, and she made sure every calorie counted. She introduced us to the tang of cranberry juice by adding a splash to the sweetness of the orange. In addition to cheerios and toast, we had full bowls of sliced fresh fruit—bananas and pears. We washed it all down with her new concoction.

Back in my kitchen, I felt a moment of delight as if tasting the juices’ combined power for the first time.

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