Mentor – Delight 27

I sat at today’s workstation—also known as my bed—and answered the scheduled FaceTime call. There smiling back at me was my mentor of ten years, Lori. We sat together at a luncheon during a donor relations conference in Providence, Rhode Island, ten years ago. I have benefited from her friendship and wisdom ever since.

We met when I was struggling to know which way was up at the time. I posed a lot of questions at that conference, and Lori helped steady my boat. I would return to the Lori well over and over in the years since.

Today, she asked how my “new” job was, and as usual I had stories. But this time, I had a broader perspective than I’ve had in the past. There was also a lot of laughter and throwbacks to more chaotic times. She reminded me at one point that when things had been especially rough that I’d always had support—even when it didn’t feel like it at work. This is what mentors do. They help me tell a truer version of the story I am living.

The delight was in our laughter and in sharing stories and the satisfaction of looking forward professionally together.

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